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Innovative solutions for the coffee industry

SPL-Royal Duyvis Wiener: Welcome

For over 10 years, IMS has been manufacturing state-of-the-art production technology for the processing of coffee. IMS provides roasting machines, grinders, storaging, conveying systems, and packaging machines with flexibility in mind. 

To put that flexibility claim into perspective, take a look at IMS' RDRF Drum-roaster. Whether light, French or dark roast, with the RDRF, you can master the entire roasting spectrum at any time. The bypass in the hot-air feed enables you to flexibly guide hot air into the product. Portions of hot air can be fed past the drum to roast special profiles.

Be sure to pay their website a visit to learn more about their exemplary future-proof machines.

SPL-Royal Duyvis Wiener: Testimonials
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