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In This Together

In this very peculiar and unusual situation, we would like to thank you as our business partner for your perseverance and commitment on finding solutions to ensure the continuity of our business, despite the difficulty in doing so.


We are focusing on keeping our service available to you while indirectly helping out the already limited medical workforce in Indonesia. With that in mind, our service and customer support are mostly still in operation.

Here are some measures we have taken to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Reliable Regional Update

Inaccurate News or Hoaxes are spreading faster than Covid-19 itself. We relay information only from reputable sources so that our clients and principal receive only relevant and updated news.


We are staying informed by regularly consulting the latest Coronavirus updates and guidance for local businesses.

Adjusting To The New Working Condition

This is a peculiar time. The pressure is high, and doors of opportunity, especially in the confectionery market, are slowly closing one by one due to the economic regression.

This is a time for GMT to rethink what is possible. Now is the time to look for new ways of operating and providing services to the customers and principles during this Covid-19 situation.

We are happy to report that most of our divisions are available as usual, with only a little adjustment on our side. The customers’ experience and interaction may need to be altered temporarily.  We see this, however, as an opportunity to improve the overall customer experience on aspects that are often ignored in any regular situation.

We are exploring and discovering new ways to communicate and interact with you through digital means. As of now, we prioritize all inquiries from our website's form that we have provided in response to the new work-from-home environment as we do not have 24/7 access to our office phone line.

Working Possibilities Out Of The Office

The health and well-being of our employees are very important to us, especially as a relatively small scale company. ​Almost all of our office jobs are thankfully being done from home. We are setting this up mentally and physically, understanding the obstacles and benefits, and preparing for any other potential 'special circumstances' in the future.

All of our employees should theoretically be ready for a home-based work environment. They cover everything from customer care, sales, technical support, data entry, hotline support, although technical support related to field works such as hands on installation is still up to debate as currently the Indonesian PSBB (Large Scale Social Distancing) law is still in full effect.

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